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MIEARG is Sudanese company has been established in 2002 under supervision of Ministry of Science and Technologies. It started by introducing the latest technologies in field of Remote Sensing Applications, Geographic Information System Solutions, and Land Surveying and Geomatic. Today, MIERAG is one of the leading companies for Geo-spatial and Geo-matic services provider in the region. The rapid growth of the company during last ten years was result of our capability to assess, and supports the clients need, proper management, governmental support and good repute among clients. The technological partnership relation with most of global service provider firms was supporting the technology transfer and allowing us to build our internal capacity.

Company's Services
Our priority is to deliver products and solutions that make our customers successful. MIERAG covers broad sector of Geospatial and Geomatic fields.

Survey Work & Generation of Contour Maps
Design, Build, Creation, and Analysis of Geographic Information System.
Remote Sensing Applications Services
Digital Mapping, Topographic, Water and irrigation Studies Services
Consultancies and training Services
Software Development
Company's Objectives
As the main target of Company's Shareholders which aiming to provide Geo-spatial data and data infrastructure that requested by the development planners, entities and bodies to help them for regional and urban planning as well as enhancing the economic and socio-economic life of the society, you will find below some of the Company's main objectives describing this:-


Providing National wise, a recent base and dynamic Geo-spatial data and maps, using the recent technologies available worldwide.


Deployment and widening the use of the Remote Sensing applications and Geo-spatial Technologies to be tools for enhance the people life.


Making use of rapid advancement in the fieldof Space technologiesand Satellites imageries for monitoring natural resources, data extraction, and providing data in reasonable prices.


Providing information for assessing, exploring, and mapping of the country natural resources.


Participating in country efforts for providing Geo-data and building the different level of Geographic information Systems. (Locality, State, National).


Providing information and technical supports for foreign and local investors as well as the large scale development projects.


Providing reasonable prices data, technical supports, and building capacityfor the state governments to enabling them making use of these data for urban and development plaining.


Utilizing the Geo-spatial data and technologies as a tool for early warning and disasters management.


Providing Geo-studies and GIS solutions that supporting the sustainable development.


Providing Consultancy service, and training for the Governmental and private sectors.


Assist and enabling the security sectors to build their own Geo-spatial and GIS Systems.


Working closely with Sudanese originations and entities that aiming to provide locally the infra-structure for Space Technologies.

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Satellites Imageries for Sudan

after the great success of using the Chinese satellite Imageries for various purposes and applications, we are pleased to announce that we obtained the license to sell the imageries of the highest resolution Chinese satellite 80 cm GF2 and with stunning prices. 

Resolution KM/USD
0.8 m PAN - 3.2 m MSI (4 Bands)

18 USD

The minimum area to deal with is 5000 square kilometers.

Satellites Imageries for Sudan

we are happy to announce that we own the only license to sell the Chinese satellite imageries which they are featured by high resolution, accurate position, can be used for a lot of purposes and they are suit for the applications in Sudan, wide coverage and good price when compare to other satellites with full support and continuous of service.

Satellitez List :-

  1. ZY-3 launched in 2012 Acc without GCPs =10m , 5.8 m MSI, 3.5 m Stereo, 2.1 mPAN , 52km wide Coverage Revisit 5 Days.
  2. TH-1&2 launched in 2012 Acc 5m Stereo , 2m PAN - 60 km wide Coverage.
  3. GF1 Acc 16 m MSI, 8m MSI , 2m PAN - 800km wide Coverage.
  4. GF2 launched in 2014 Acc 4m MSI, 1m PAN.

Prices :-



Resoulution Km/USD
2m PAN 1.5
2.1 m PAN
5.8m MSI 1
8m MSI 0.8
10m MSI
5.8m MSI+2.1m PAN 2.5
8m MSI+2m PAN 2.3
10m MSI +2m PAN
Triplet Stereo 3.5m 4
Triplet Stereo 5m
16m MSI

600 USD 200km X 200km



25m Grid 6
12.5 (3.5/5m Stereo)m Grid 10

12.5m Grid Precision

3.5+2.1m Triple Stereo


Ortho Photo




  1. Production of topographic maps without GCPs until 1/50000 scale and with GCPs until 1/25000 scale.
  2. Mapping and survey work at the national level.
  3. Extrapolate spatial databases Information.
  4. Assessment and evaluation of mining sites.
  5. Control the size and sources of water.
  6. Production model of the earth's surface DEM , 3D Visulaization, DSM.
  7. Monitoring and mapping of land uses.
  8. Monitoring environmental conditions ,natural resources and forests.
  9. Accounting and Control of cultivated crops and estimate agricultural production for the season.
  10. Used in disaster management processes.


  1. Archived imageries prices are the same as the new imageries.
  2. The minimum area to deal with is 5000 square kilometers.
  3. Ortho imageries and DEM values are not included.
  4. For big institutions we can make presentations to demonstrate our capabilities.
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